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Summer ultraviolet radiation enhancement easy on the cornea, conjunctiva, crystals and other damageNature of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, summer sun be closer, more radiationIn 1936, Bausch & Lomb sunglasses will be introduced to oakley matte black gascan sunglasses the general public, but in its early sales show that the average person is not interested in Ray-Ban sunglassesDo not buy a lot of toys, toy sunglasses sunglasses adorable, get the mother with the baby of all ages

The sun is constantly emitting a daily ultraviolet, visible, oakley frogskin sunglasses infrared, three waves, without proper protective glasses, each can cause serious injury and its effects on the eyesCut out the size of the acetate film lens with the surrounding edge pointsFirst, whether the glasses manufacturers begin to integrate Google glasses to their future glasses version has a lot of speculation

Factors that affected the northern region, with spring comes the wind and glare of the sun, but also to "sunglasses" has become a lot of people out of essential goodsOversized sunglasses money can you bear hangover cover all the way, the focus oakley frogskins sunglasses is to work either with sunglasses dress or casual dress code, are very tide

s style regimen and can quickly become one of your signature pieces Ms How to choose a suitable sunglasses?About sunglasses, Tony stylists have their own opinion: "There are certain people who need round the edges of sunglasses can improve facial contours, oakley sunglasses frogskins but remember not to choose too Founder of the frame, will be rounded face and profile in contrast, make the face look up more round

I must have a dozen right, uh, "bizarre" sunglasses with hot dogs and they spend a lot of bookmarks on my laptop I imagine the future setSo cycling spectacle lenses can be used purple, and is suitable for long wear

Second, sunshades well understood, is used to understand oakley sunglasses frogskin literally block the sun Here are fully tutorial

Today we take a look at five key sunglass styles to consider for spring/summer 2014 The classic aviator shape plus special glasses mammals and Elvis prints, totally 70s style

Who would have thought there would be fake plastic fork Market? frogskin oakley sunglasses GoodThings to rise, also picking up the field of smart wear, smart sunglasses gradually into consumer perspective intoThe hot eyewear look of 2008 was pretty much defined by plastic Wayfarer knockoffs, garish neon trapezoids often seen color-coordinated with a plaid shirt and sneakers

Store brand sunglasses styles varied, with Tyrannosaurus, Ray-Ban, cheap oakley frogskin sunglasses Pasha, Dior and other brands, the price of a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars But poser on this matter, can no seasonal trend of a single product, you can not have a limited edition pressing extravagance, but no sunglasses is absolutely not Baroque designMake your own clay decoration and then glue 2015 oakley sunglasses it to your frame

Square face is not recommended to choose too round, too round corners feel very obvious, but can not choose too square, too square will highlight your linesMaterial probably make sunglasses frames can be divided into two: metal and plastic Sales staff, told lowest price oakley sunglasses reporters that people buy sunglasses with Ms

Grey lenses can provide the best color vision perception, are the experts recommended typeGwen's this sunglasses full of personality, absolutely can demonstrate their personal style, great white frame, inserts live tinted lenses, two color with rather oakley sunglasses for less special He can be said to be the most focused entrepreneurs

1950s, Elvis Presley (Elvis AronPresley) began sweeping the world of music12

Guo Yan yellow, red lenses or soft lines and delicate frame sunglasses, will face off was even greater You might leopard, parrot-shaped or colored decorative mosaic pattern found at the top of the frame

Color plate glasses are very rich, managing the beginning of winter, winter oakley sunglasses online australia clothes are generally dark tone Long face should choose rounded or curved lens flat, slender proportions, giving the feeling of visual coordination, cat eye frame is the best choice; oval face is the most wild, suitable for a variety of shapes of sunglasses; small face is suitable to wear thin frame or frameless glasses, oakley sunglasses frames choose elegant lens will have unexpected resultsSunglasses lenses currently on the market and production materials are basically the same myopia lenses, glass and resin sheets can be divided into two categories, but the difference between the two processing, glass lens sunglasses are mainly added some special glass material absorption the nature of the metal salt, such as nickel and cobalt was added as a purple glass lenses, cobalt and copper is added to the blue glass lenses, sunglasses lenses and the resin is mainly used oakley sunglasses stores in immersion dyeing method, the lens is soaked in a solution of an organic dye Among colored water, but no matter what kind of sunglasses color rendering must be beneficial to our eyes, then the face of the market, so many colors of sunglasses, we in the end choose which one do?From the perspective of human physiology, gray, green, oakley sunglasses store brown eyes were good, too deep too shallow is not good

Goggles is mainly made of glass, but the price is very expensive In an appliance's Web site search for "sunglasses", a price 5 I was on a treasure to buy teaching focal length 3cm 5cm diameter magnifier 6 yuan a pair of the same black oakley sunglasses can be used

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for summerEvery woman has sunglasses, but most of the people are the basic models or pilot style

Things to rise, also picking up the field of smart wear, smart oakley sunglasse sunglasses gradually into consumer perspective intoThis "star ship full of style," the fashion arena and lead a new round of fashion trends, the yurt "order out of chaos" and become the darling of sunglasses insideCall creation air glasses

Are you getting these sunglasses for sports? You will want a nice close fit, possibly with rubber grips on the armsChildren cool sunglasses glasses store to attract a lot of attention to children, and some parents have not yet heard of sunglasses can give children oakley white sunglasses a good eye development block glare and UV rays, have to go buy In fact, the lens color depth, can affect the performance of the absorption of visible light, the industry pointed out that the purchase should pay attention to the following health sunglasses errors

s collections of Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler; and, for men, from Ralph Lauren, Zegna and Lanvin (most costing from $300 to $400) Create a transparent lenses transparent fascinating visual texture

Children cool sunglasses glasses store to attract a lot of attention to children, and some parents have not yet heard of sunglasses can give children a good eye development block glare and UV rays, have to go buy "Often encountered on the road under the rain, the rain drove very difficult to see clearly Designers sought out monographs of his work, notably a 2004 edition published by Steidl that conveyed the exuberance of postcolonial West Africa with oakley sunglasses deals images of stylish young men and women, many of them wearing incredible sunglasses

1More funky retro hairstyle: retro hair close to the scalp, the tail slightly outside the Alice, fashion sense with a little tender, and then with a retro-style sunglasses, you must be the most fashionable!Afro shoulder: shoulder-length hair in fashion this year will be issued at the end of the corrugated iron out the fluffy, very sexy with sunglasses on, bring out the wild messy Went to the outing of a good time, do not look now the weather is not hot, but still very strong ultraviolet radiation