Tony parker is the spurs' offensive engine, and sina sports top 50, once high on the list of seventh. But with age growing, depend on wholesale Tony Parker socks the speed of parker suffered a lot of trouble, parker playing time only 28.7 minutes last season, averaging 14.4 points, 4.9 assists, and one hit a career low play time, score is the lowest cheap Tony Parker jerseys china after rookie cheap San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker jerseys season. There is no doubt that parker, 32, is undergoing a career off year.

This is the second year in a row, parker data drop, French people even use "career is the most difficult moment" to describe. December and Memphis after his left hamstring injury, parker missed after 9 of 12 games, although parker played the whole season 68, but he didn't come back. Back in January after parker played only 25.7 minutes, scored 11 points, 4.1 assists, and shooting only 40.7%, in February, parker still not good, is averaging 12.5 points, 5.0 assists, and field goal percentage of 39.6%. Parker's downturn also affected the SAN Antonio spurs, coach gregg popovich had the truth, without healthy parker, the spurs can't walk far.

Parker, what happened? As is known to all, parker is a dependent on speed, good at breakthrough attacking point guard, on the other hand, the lack of adequate parker range, although from the field of the last two seasons is not bad, but it failed to three points in conventional weapons, fewer shots.

No outside 3-pointers, wants to boost offensive efficiency, must be more efficient hit shots, and more frequent make free throws, but lack of huge parker cheap Tony Parker jerseys online point guard size and strong physique, his offense is combined with the speed and skill, penalty rate is not outstanding. Peak park is the most frequent coalition attacks inside defender, with the end of superior ability, the root cause of this is parker to maintain high standards of attack, and he became the top point guards in the capital.

His left hamstring injury, however, limit the speed of attack the basket parker, parker last season only 25.5% shooting occurred within the basket 3 feet, hit rate is 59.9%, the two data are close to the career lows. Know that parker, 23, who has 46.9% of the shots is within three feet, shot 70.5% (considering the height, the parker is absolutely incredible data). Parker, originally is the most effective and roll killer, could kill opponents at the free-throw line, he and Duncan's pick-and-roll cooperate is also one of the spurs brand tactics. But injuries to drag down the park, he can't follow one's inclinations of attacks from the free-throw line, but more chose the jumper, parker's ability to end were falling, missed a lot was supposed to hit the ball.

Parker jumper still stable, parker four consecutive season in 10 ft shooting in a more than forty percent, he is from a man who knows the counterparts of breakthrough evolved into precise in the pitcher. Just shot selection of offshoring, parker's aggressive fell, his free throws only 2.4 times, true shooting percentage to 54% - is still above the average. Parker of the ball on the decline, the transfer of the attacking in the SAN Antonio spurs, but as the spurs is the most important tactical launching points, health is irreplaceable, parker is still strong the spurs finally collapsed in the first round, and parker's injuries have close relationship.

Offseason spurs introduced marcus - lamarcus aldridge, aims to reclaim the championship, they need more healthy parker. Parker on the euro to be out of the injury, we look forward to the former NBA finals MVP can rebound, led the spurs to return to the top of the new season.

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